Up & Coming Areas in Memphis

When you’re looking to invest in retail, multi-family complexes, office buildings, or hotel properties, one of your best bets is to invest in a rapidly growing area. That’s because up-and-coming neighborhoods are the perfect cocktail of investment opportunities. Think of it this way: low price + growth trajectory = an exponentially higher return on investment.

Finding your diamond in the rough comes with a lot of benefits that make the investment worth it, and checking out the up-and-coming areas in Memphis is a great starting point. The team at Jones Aur is here to help you navigate the reasons to buy in areas on the rise, how to identify the best areas to invest, and where we predict growth in Memphis. Keep reading to learn more.

Why invest in up-and-coming real estate markets?

Lower Prices

This point speaks to your money’s buying power. Usually, areas on the rise are at that sweet spot between popularity and cost. In other words, you may hear rumors that an area is the new it-location, but the cost of property in the area hasn’t caught up with its demand. That means you can get more bang for your buck at the end of the day, which leads us to the next point…

Higher Returns

Buy low, sell high – what’s true for the stock market is also true for the real estate market. Buying a commercial property at a low price in an up-and-coming area helps you get your foot in the door on major potential wealth formation in the future. Whether you choose to sell or not, you’ll make more money off your investment as time goes on when the neighborhood hits its peak.

Catch the Eye of Potential Tenants

For many small businesses, lowering operating costs is a major factor in deciding where to lease a property. Up-and-coming areas are extremely attractive for new tenants for the same reasons that they’re attractive to investors. With a lower cost of operation and a teeming community of potential customers, tenants of all kinds of businesses look for reliable property owners to lease from. This pool of demand makes it a great opportunity for investors looking for a steady leasing contract.

How do you identify a growth market?

It’s easy to decide that investing in rising neighborhoods is a good move for your business, but identifying these up-and-coming areas takes a little more work. There’s no exact science behind it, but working with Jones Aur Commercial Real Estate is the best way to start. Until you contact us about your next investment property, here are a few quick ways to identify up-and-coming areas in Memphis.

They’re Attracting the Younger Crowd

When younger people begin moving to a certain area, business is almost sure to follow. Young professionals looking to spend their disposable income create a pocket of opportunity wherever they are.

There Are Major Development Projects

More business attracts more business, so if you’re seeing major development or infrastructure projects in a certain neighborhood, it’s likely that the area is on the rise. When developers pour money into an area, it’s for a good reason, and it’s a great idea to follow their suit.

You’re Seeing More Job Opportunities

When large companies are hiring in a specific area, you can expect to see an influx of people moving there. When people move to a new area, their demand drives more business. Keep an eye out for the beginning stages of this cycle, because once it starts, it’s likely to snowball.

Up-and-Coming Areas in Memphis


The Downtown Memphis Commission is churning out new developments at a rapid pace, putting downton first on the list of up-and-coming areas. With renovations to Tom Lee Park, the Wonderbread factory, 100 N. Main, and a host of other restaurants, breweries, museums, and more, downtown is bringing in business faster than ever. These mixed use, retail, and residential developments are a telltale sign that Memphis’s downtown is on the rise.


If you’re a local, you might remember the old Sears tower looming over I-40. With a green light sending out a beacon to let you know you’d gotten to Midtown Memphis, this huge abandoned building didn’t exactly give you the warm and fuzzy feeling that Midtown was on the rise.

The new installations at Crosstown Concourse, however, have drastically changed that appearance, ushering in a new era for Midtown Memphis. This all at once gritty and elegant building brings the neighborhood a modern touch that has since attracted major attention. New businesses and an influx of renters are making Midtown Memphis much more appealing.

Crosstown’s ripple effect is predicted to reach surrounding neighborhoods as well, drawing in young people and bringing more business to Memphis. If you’re looking to invest in a neighborhood on the rise, you should definitely consider Midtown.

Medical District

The city’s medical district located just north of downtown has also seen a significant shift in development. Jones Aur’s very own Orleans Station is playing a major role in breathing new life to this neighborhood that allows investors, developers, landlords, and tennants the opportunity to create new business in a thriving area. With so much potential, your next best investment could be in Memphis’s Medical District.

Invest in Memphis with Jones Aur On Your Side

Investing in a commercial property in a rising neighborhood means you participate in building its trajectory, and this investment could play a huge factor in boosting an up-and-coming area in Memphis. If you’re looking to invest in a Memphis property, contact the team at Jones Aur to get the ball rolling today.