What Should You Consider Before Leasing a Space?

Interested in leasing a commercial property? Choosing the right commercial space matters for your business’s success. Before you sign a lease, you have several key factors to keep in mind beyond your monthly rent. Every detail can significantly impact your business’s future. Jones Aur can help you lease your ideal space in either Memphis, Little Rock or beyond.

Your Business Requirements

When searching for your perfect commercial space, remember to find a property that aligns with your specific business needs. Begin by evaluating your space requirements. 

Look at  variables like: 

  • The square footage necessary for your operations 
  • Your preferred layout
  • Accommodations like storage, private offices, or areas for customer interaction 

The type of space you’re leasing should reflect the nature of your business. Do you need high ceilings for storage? What about specific technological hookups? Would proximity to complementary businesses be useful?

Equally important is your space’s growth potential. Think about your business’s future. Will the space be flexible enough for potential expansion? Can you modify the leasing space as your business evolves? Or would you need to relocate to scale up? Opting for a slightly larger space than is currently necessary (or one with flexible usage options) can prevent disruptive moves and increased costs. 

Evaluating Your Location

The location of your commercial space is important for your business’s accessibility and visibility. Jones Aur can help you think about market accessibility. How easy is it for customers, clients, and employees to reach your business? Is the property easily accessible via major roads or public transportation? Does the area have sufficient foot traffic or parking for visitors? Being close to business services, restaurants, banks, and other amenities can be a significant advantage.

Additionally, assess the synergy between your business and neighboring establishments. Leasing near other businesses can provide mutual benefits, such as increased customer flow and shared marketing efforts.

Finally, research the neighborhood’s safety and attractiveness. A safe, appealing area makes your business more attractive to potential clients. It also contributes to higher employee satisfaction and retention. Selecting the right location embeds your business in an environment that fosters growth. 

Analyzing Lease Terms

Lease duration is one of the most important aspects of leasing a commercial space. A short-term lease may offer flexibility. However, it could also lead to instability if you need to move frequently. Conversely, a long-term lease provides stability but may reduce your ability to adapt to market changes or business growth.

When discussing financial terms with our Jones Aur team, look beyond the listed rent. Ask about additional costs such as maintenance fees, property taxes, insurance, and any recurring maintenance charges. These can significantly affect your budgeting. Also, explore any potential for rent increases, which could impact your costs during the lease term.

Flexibility and restrictions within the lease can greatly influence how you use the space. Check for clauses that permit or restrict subletting, modifications to the interior, and signage. Understand any penalties for early termination or conditions under which you can renew your lease.

What Should You Consider Before Leasing a Space?

Legal and Compliance Considerations

Before signing any lease, confirm that the space is legally compliant with all relevant zoning laws and building regulations. Zoning laws inform what types of activities can occur in certain areas. Double-check that the zoning regulations of the space orient with the nature of your business. Operating in a non-compliant manner can lead to fines, legal disputes, and even the necessity to vacate the property.

Building regulations are another aspect to bear in mind. You’ll need to comply with safety standards, such as fire codes and accessibility standards, under laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Non-compliance results in legal issues and potentially significant retrofitting costs.

Additionally, it’s wise to engage with a commercial real estate attorney. Have a professional review the lease documents and ensure that all terms are understood and that they do not disadvantage your business. Jones Aur can help refer a legal expert who can also advise on any local laws that may affect your lease or business operations.

What Should You Consider Before Leasing a Space?

Cost Considerations Beyond Rent

When leasing commercial space, the headline rent is often just the starting point of your financial considerations. 

Look into upfront costs such as: 

  • Security deposits 
  • First and last month’s rent
  • Utility setup fees 
  • Potential costs for customizing the space

Upfront costs like these can impact your initial investment.

Ongoing expenses also play a critical role in budgeting for your leased space. These include utilities, janitorial services, internet and telecom services, and routine maintenance. Your landlord may or may not cover them. Additionally, you should account for the costs of property insurance and possible increases in property taxes. These variables could also affect your monthly expenses.

The Role of Commercial Landlords

The relationship with your commercial landlord will also influence the space you lease. It can shape your business’s daily operations and long-term success. Landlord responsiveness is crucial. Having a landlord who is prompt in addressing maintenance issues, safety concerns, and other critical needs can markedly reduce downtime and stress.

Furthermore, landlord services can vary widely. They should be a key consideration when choosing a space. Some landlords may offer amenities like enhanced security, cleaning services, or even utilities included in the lease terms. These services can improve your working environment and potentially reduce the number of vendors you need to manage directly.

Research the community and networking opportunities provided within the building or property. A proactive landlord who facilitates connections between tenants can create a collaborative atmosphere that might lead to new business opportunities.

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