Why You Should Invest in Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas, is riding a wave of economic expansion and job market buoyancy. As a result, Little Rock is a prime investment location. Its growth is propelled by substantial new job creation, highlighted by significant companies like Amazon and Costco setting up shop in the region. These developments bring many jobs to the area and spark a positive domino effect on the local economy. Our Jones Aur team has all the information you need to start investing (in Memphis, Little Rock, or beyond). 

Economic Growth

The city’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown over the last decade. The Little Rock Metropolitan Area shows robust job growth and a decreasing % unemployment rate to 3.2% through April 2022. The city’s economic vitality is bolstered by diverse industry sectors leading job creation, including finance, insurance, educational services, and healthcare. Notable employers enriching the job landscape include the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Baptist Health.

Moreover, Little Rock’s strategic location, complemented by its infrastructure—including the Port of Little Rock and the Clinton National Airport—enhances its connectivity and accessibility, further elevating its appeal to investors and businesses alike. 

Real Estate Market Trends

The real estate market in Little Rock is characterized by dynamic change, blending competitive pricing with notable stability. Despite a slight decrease in home prices, the market has maintained its competitive edge, influenced by rising mortgage rates and the overarching economic landscape. This blend of factors has led to a scenario where demand continues to outstrip supply, positioning Little Rock as a seller’s market​.

The market shows resilience and desirability, with a median listing home price of $280,000. This is further evidenced by a strategic pricing environment where homes sell slightly below the asking price on average. Additionally, properties stay on the market for an average of 55 days, reflecting a nuanced market where transactions are steady yet indicative of competitive dynamics​.


Housing Affordability and Investment Forecast

Housing affordability remains one of Little Rock’s most attractive features, positioning it as the 13th most affordable city in the U.S. for homebuyers. This affordability and a forecasted median home value growth rate of 1.94% over the next three years signals a market ripe for investment. Despite a slight dip in home prices, Little Rock’s market’s overall competitive yet stable nature remains intact​.

Economic uncertainty and rising mortgage rates have led to a cautious approach among potential buyers. Yet, the city’s housing affordability and favorable long-term growth projections are promising for investors. The study highlighting Little Rock’s affordability underscores its appeal, especially compared to other regions’ higher costs and lower growth rates​.

Why You Should Invest in Little Rock

The Rental Market Landscape

The rental market in Little Rock presents an attractive landscape for investors. It’s fueled by a significant increase in rental rates and a solid base of renter-occupied housing. With the median rent for a 3-bedroom home at $1,195, the demand for rental properties is evident. This robust demand is supported by renter-occupied households comprising 42% of the city’s housing units​.

Moreover, the rental market benefits from Little Rock’s overall affordability and the balanced growth in home prices. The market keeps pace with income growth, maintaining a healthy demand for rentals. The city’s efforts to improve quality of life and infrastructure have also contributed to attracting a diverse population of renters, from young professionals to families, looking for affordable living options in a thriving community​.

Investors considering the Little Rock rental market can find opportunities across neighborhoods catering to various renter demographics. The increased demand, coupled with the city’s growth prospects and affordable rental prices, makes Little Rock an appealing market for those looking to expand their investment portfolio in the residential rental sector.

Advantages for Real Estate Investors

Little Rock offers advantages for real estate investors that are hard to overlook. The city’s economic diversity and sustained growth provide a stable foundation for investment. Sectors such as healthcare, education, and finance are leading the charge. The city’s economic resilience translates to a strong and steady demand for owned and rented housing. 

Furthermore, Little Rock has a tactical geographic location. Critical infrastructure, like the Port of Little Rock and Clinton National Airport, boosts its connectivity and accessibility, making it an attractive hub for businesses and residents. The city’s affordability, quality of life, and investment in public amenities attract a wide range of residents, from young professionals to families, ensuring a broad market for various real estate investments​​​.

For investors, Little Rock offers immediate opportunities for returns on rental properties and presents a compelling case for long-term capital appreciation. The blend of economic stability, deliberate location, and quality of life enhancements makes Little Rock appealing for those looking to diversify or begin their real estate investment journey.


Invest In Little Rock with Jones Aur

Just as Jones Aur has championed Memphis‘s potential, it now shines a light on Little Rock’s promising market. This journey through economic resilience, a growing job market, affordable real estate, and strategic benefits underscores the wisdom of considering Little Rock for your next investment. For those ready to explore the city’s unique opportunities, we invite you to contact the Jones Aur team. Let us help you unlock the potential of this dynamic market. Contact Jones Aur today to begin your investment journey.