X Team Retail Advisors Partnership

The Jones Aur commercial real estate firm has established itself as a vital member of X Team Retail Advisors, a nationwide network of elite retail real estate firms. Combining Jones Aur’s deep local knowledge and personalized service with X Team’s extensive national reach and resources, our partnership benefits clients across Memphis, Little Rock, and beyond. If you’re a business owner looking for space, here’s what our partnership can do for you. 

Introduction to X Team Retail Advisors

X Team Retail Advisors is a distinguished retail real estate advisory firm that integrates local expertise with a national scope. Established to provide best-in-class solutions, X Team unites a network of boutique, mid-sized, and large real estate firms. It creates a dynamic and cohesive unit that serves clients across the United States and Western Canada. Each partner office within X Team brings a wealth of regional knowledge and industry experience, enabling them to offer solutions that address specific market needs.

The structure of X Team Retail Advisors allows for collaboration and information sharing among its members. This collective intelligence drives innovative strategies and helps clients benefit from both a local firm’s personalized service and a national organization’s capabilities. X Team’s services include market intelligence, site selection, development services, and coordinated brokerage. 

About Jones Aur

Jones Aur is a standout X Team Retail Advisors member, renowned for its personalized service and strategic approach to commercial real estate. The firm, co-founded by Dustin Jones and Jonathan Aur, excels in pairing businesses with optimal locations for sustainable growth and success.

Dustin Jones

Dustin Jones brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of how commercial real estate works in the greater Shelby County area. His expertise in site selection, market analysis, and property development has been instrumental in positioning Jones Aur as a leader in the industry. Dustin’s commitment to client success is evident in his hands-on approach, which helps each client receive customized solutions that meet their specific needs and business goals.

Jonathan Aur

Jonathan Aur complements our team with his strategic vision and keen market insight. With a background in real estate and business development, Jonathan excels at identifying opportunities that align with clients’ long-term objectives. His focus on building strong relationships and dedication to excellence have been key drivers in Jones Aur’s growth.


Jones Aur’s philosophy centers on delivering the expertise of large firms and the personalized service of a boutique agency. Our founders believe in thoughtful business placement. Each location must match our clients’ concepts for mutual success. This approach helps individual businesses thrive and contributes to the overall growth and development of the communities they serve. That’s why Jones Aur remains a trusted partner in commercial real estate.

Services Offered by Jones Aur as Part of X Team Retail Advisors

Jones Aur offers services designed to meet diverse commercial real estate needs. Our services include brokerage services for leasing and sales, property management, market intelligence, and investment guidance. By leveraging its extensive network and local market knowledge, our team helps clients get the best possible advice and support at every stage of the real estate process. We maximize value and minimize risk.

Leasing and Site Selection

Jones Aur specializes in leasing and site selection, helping businesses find the perfect location to meet their needs. By leveraging detailed market intelligence and local expertise, we help clients select sites with visibility, accessibility, and potential for growth. Jones Aur’s strategic approach means businesses thrive in retail, office, or industrial space.

Market Intelligence and Analysis

Jones Aur uses advanced market intelligence and analysis to provide clients with complete insights into market trends, demographics, and economic conditions. Our data-driven approach allows businesses to make informed decisions, reduce risk, and optimize investment returns. By staying ahead of market shifts, Jones Aur’s clients are well-positioned for success.

Development and Construction Services

Our team offers robust development and construction services to guide clients through every stage of the property development process. We confirm that projects are completed on time and within budget. We handle everything from planning and design to construction management and final delivery. Our expertise in navigating regulatory requirements and coordinating with contractors ensures high-quality outcomes.

Property Management

Jones Aur provides property management services to maximize the value and efficiency of clients’ real estate assets. Services include financial reporting, maintenance scheduling, tenant relations, and budget management. Using advanced asset management software, Jones Aur offers owners and tenants easy access to important information. 

Investment Guidance

Jones Aur offers expert investment guidance that lets clients identify and capitalize on real estate opportunities. We provide strategic advice for your investment goals by analyzing market trends and potential returns. Whether it’s acquiring new properties or optimizing existing assets, our investment expertise helps you build and grow your real estate portfolios.

X Team Retail Advisors Partnership

Join Jones Aur & X Team Retail Advisors

Jones Aur’s partnership with X Team Retail Advisors enhances our ability to provide top-tier services, from strategic site selection and market intelligence to property management and development. Clients benefit from the personalized service and deep regional knowledge of Jones Aur, which are supported by X Team’s extensive resources and innovative strategies. Together, we create a dynamic force in the commercial real estate industry, driving growth and success for businesses across the United States. To find out more about how Jones Aur and X Team Retail advisors can help your business in Memphis or Little Rock, visit us here